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You’re probably already recycling your household waste and maybe you’ve installed water-saving devices around the home, or even a rainwater tank to supplement your mains water usage. You might also be cycling or walking to work instead of driving your car to play your part in helping the environment.

But there is more we can do at home and at work to reduce our negative effect on the environment by limiting our energy consumption and the greenhouse gases we create.

Apart from switching off lights when they are not needed, most people have little idea how to go about saving energy at home.

As part of our commitment to the environment and reducing rising electricity bills, we offer the iSaver Energy Audit.

We can provide advice and assistance to you on the best and simplest ways to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

It might be as simple as changing light globes to more energy efficient ones (remembering not all light fittings are compatible with energy-saving globes), or advising on and installing the most efficient type of ducted or split system air conditioner. We will advise you on the options that best suit your needs.

The iSaver Energy Audit provides advice on:
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Investing more now in energy efficient products and services is a definite saving for the future. You will save power and therefore save money in the long term. And, it’s worth it because you’ll be doing even more to help protect the environment.

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Peter Garnett Managing Director - Prospect Frame and Truss

"iPower Electrical provides Prospect Frame and Truss with impeccable service in both the installation of new equipment and electrical maintenance to existing installations. The team always responds to breakdowns within our factory with promptness and great professionalism, and I have always found Greg and his team to be polite, knowledgeable and very professional in their approach to our work. iPower Electrical is an important asset to our business with their knowledge and understanding of our processes and equipment, and the ability to respond promptly when the need arises."